monique roodenbourg 

Delft, nl / 1976

Often my work is about connection and 

disconnection, abundance and overload. I look to capture a bit of the drama, much like a dark play in a theater. This darkness and the styling of my compositions strive to pull the viewer into a different reality and tell a deeply personal story. 

The process of creating altered realities begins with choosing and photographing the models. Once I have captured the right essense of the model, I digitally paint the composition to complete the story and create atmosphere.

After being a theaterperformer for 10 years I graduately exchanged the stage for the camera now. In a way my work are stills.


Theater school in Amsterdam

selection of group- / solo exhibition:

2019- Prinsenkwartier Delft the Netherlands, sept-okt- groupexpo
2019- Landgoed de Campagne Drongen Belgium 1,2,3, 9 en 10 nov, groupsexpo hosted by Magie, ART-TIST
2019- Deja Vu Delft, 6 sept-6 okt, groepsexpo buiten met o.a. Elizabeth Koning, Jenny Boot, Chinnoe & Vlemmix, Hillywood Art, Project Gallery 2.0, Danielle van Zadelhoff, Rachel Nieborg, Peter Kemp, Rene Jacobs, Hugo Kaagman, Elisabeth Schelvis.
2019- SWISS ARTEXPO  15-19 augustus, finalist and winner of Artbox project Zurich, groupsexpo
2019- Galerie Leidse Lente The Netherlands, To the point, groeps expositie
2019- Rotterdam Art The Netherlands, hosted by Chinnoe en Vlemmix

2018- Art Eindhoven the Netherlands 2018 14 en 15 april, solo expo
2018- Artbox Project New York 2018 SEMI FINALIST, 5-17 maart, groupexpo
2018- Rotterdam Photo festival the Netherlands 2018, 8 tm 11 februari, groupexpo
2017- ImageNation Paris10-12 november 2017, Groupexpo

miscellaneous (for example awards, scholarships, study visits, collections, special projects):

Winner of  the Artboxproject Zurich 2019

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